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Martin Bydalek is a commercial photographer/director now booking advertising and editorial assignments world wide.

Martin Bydalek Photography
Bydalek Creative


“Martin Bydalek has put a new spin on Shelby Cobra replica photography that has created some of the best action and stills I’ve ever seen.”

                                                                                                    -Curt Scott, Cobra Country 2004

 “Martin has produced all our advertising photography for the last two years. This has included two catalogs as well as promotional brochures. We have always been pleased with the quality of the photography, his creative ideas and his willingness to work with an"odd" shooting schedule in order not to disrupt the everyday business of the company. I would recommend Martin without hesitation.”

                                                                                              -Craig Sterling, Decode Genetics 2004


 “It is my opinion that Martin Bydalek possesses professionalism and flare for the unique with his artistic eye for physique photography, and I wholeheartedly recommend you give him the opportunity to experience his photographic abilities.”

                                                                               - Steve Wennerstrom, Editor Flex Magazine 2004


"For three years Martin Bydalek has been getting us what we want and always surprises us with creative images. He is very professional, a pleasure to work with and we highly recommend him".

                                                                                    -Salty's Restaurants / Happy Guests Int. 1997


"Martin Bydalek is a master in the application of "natural light" to his creations and has an un-canny ability to capture photo opportunities most of us would never notice".

                                                                                         -The Restaurateur of Seattle Magazine 1995


"Known for his high action photography and all manner of "in camera" technical dazzle, Martin Bydalek has the kind of idea-per-second mind that is sure to keep photo editors and art directors across the country on their toes well into the next century."

                                                                                                              -Watersports Illustrated 1991


"The stunning cover photo is typical of the creative genius of Martin Bydalek, one of the best action photographers in the World".

                                                                                                  -Waterski International Magazine 1998


"Your photography is certainly up to our standards.                       -Sports Illustrated Magazine 1987


"We hope that Spray, the water ski magazine, has helped establish you as the number one photographer in the sport of water skiing".

                                                                                                                         -Spray Magazine 1980



 Channel 5's Evening Magazine 1993, Almost Live 1994, Real TV 1998.







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